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Hi, I'm Erin, JP's wife, and I'm doing a guest stint on Parkhaus today. We went to CA Boom today, which is a really cool home design show.

We're considering ditching the planned addition in favor of a series of sheds www.modern-shed.com. Just kidding, James! But we hope to add one in place of the lead-paint peeling husks we have in the backyard currently.

I'm also crazy about some tile that we saw, which maybe could be an accent in the master bath. It's fused glass; doesn't seem to be on their website, but there are these amazing drawer pulls (Did you ever think anyone could use "amazing" and "drawer pulls" in the same sentence?)

I think we've also ruled out using a concrete counter/sink in the bathroom. It's much smoother than I thought it would be, but probably too big a custom expense for us. I'd rather have cool tile!

Not that we'll have any money left for furniture, but we really liked this guy's stuff: www.yglesiaswoodwork.com. And he's just around the corner in Glendale.

That about wraps it up. Ronan is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the carpenters. Of course, we'll see how he feels about it when he can't go into the back yard! Hopefully they'll have some big machines to make up for it, though.

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Tim said...

Welcome, Erin! Sounds like you guys are in the thick of things; we look forward to hearing about your progress.

Have you guys checked out http://www.houseblogs.net? Many many more people there who are blogging their home renovation projects who also link to other resources like the drawer pulls you reference. Might be of interest.