After an round of email clarifications with James, we signed the contract last night. This means that we need to agree on a start date now. Then, unless we change the scope of the work, it'll be an eight month countdown until it's finished. Let the games begin.

A couple of other things we're doing that I haven't mentioned: James suggested widening our driveway a bit and installing a fence to completely enclose the front lawn. This is great, as it'll really make the front yard more functional and prevent us from parking the front right wheel of the minivan on the lawn. We've really worked up a nice hole there.

We raised a concern about noise pollution in the front two bedrooms. Since the wall seperating the hallway from living room is going away, we worry about it getting too loud in there for sleeping young ones. J.D. said they can add some insulation to the remaining walls and put in thicker doors.


Brother said...

Stumbled across this site while writing my thesis (on political blogs) and thought you might find it helpful / interesting.

JohnPark said...

That site's very cool, thanks Matt. Your blog scares me, incidentally.

De Baron said...

Way to go! My living room is torn to shreds at the moment. I'm getting sick of construction. A good taper is worth their weight in tenderloin (let's face it, gold is about $600 an oz, making a 180lb person worth over $1.7M, but a good tenderloin is about $25 a pound, making the same person worth about $4500, and that number is more realistic.)

I have been breathing in a lot of spackle dust.