Day 5
More reinforcing today. They started adding rebar in the trenches as well. There should be a plumber in the next day or two to put the pipes in there before the cement gets poured.

We met with James (the architect) yesterday, which was fun. I think we'll have to pick out the color of our concrete floor soon. This will run down the hallway to the stairs, in the studio, the little downstairs bathroom, and the back bedroom. They mix color into the concrete, so you can't change it later. Oh, the pressure!

I was nervous about the concrete floor until I happened to see it in my friend's kitchen. It was a very warm yellow, and she loves it.


Phil said...

Wowww, so cool! I love the blog.

Denise in Texas said...

It's been great to watch your photos and see the progression of activity proceed in the same way as ours. It won't be long before the cement truck rolls in.

Friends of ours who just built have concrete throughout the entire first floor of their two story. They live on a small plot of 10 acres on an old cattle ranch and so their concrete has a more rustic look, but it is absolutely gorgeous. They chose a charcoal color. Their neighbors also went with colored concrete throughout most of the first floor and used a warm red with grey. It's one of the most fabulous floors I've seen.

Recently, when our friends had company over, one of the guests commented on the cement floors saying, "Gosh, cement is such a hard surface. Have you thought about tile?" Hello... Apparently there is soft tile that I've never heard of!

What color(s) are you considering?

JohnPark said...

Thanks for the comments Denise, you're right, it's quick -- the cement truck is supposed to roll in four days from now. It was nice to hear about your friends' concrete floors. I think we're going for a warm cocoa color mixed in. We're also going to have them do a hand-stained patina in red-ish or orange-ish in the guest bedroom. When I get a chance I'll post specifically on the color choices, etc.

That's funny about the soft tile comment. I am a bit concerned with the excellent skull-crunching properties of cement, given that we have a 2 1/2 year old and a newborn. We may need to adopt a helmet rule inside the house.

Silvia said...

Ahem--For clarification, it's a Ready Mix Truck, and they pour concrete, not cement. :) Eddie's dad used to work for/run a concrete business, and cement is merely one ingredient in concrete, as I have been reminded each and every time I've mistakenly mentioned pouring cement, or having a cement back patio, etc. An analogy: You wouldn't call a cake "flour" as that is just one ingredient used. And I'm just posting this because I have suffered the cement/concrete talk for many years now and would like to share what I've learned. :) Have a happy day!

JohnPark said...

That's hilarious, Silvia. I'll still never get it right, but at least I know in the back of my mind that I'm probably screwing it up!