Framers have finished

They got the stairs and everything else done yesterday, after working a very long day. I'll post some photos or panoramas soon.

Next up are the plumber to cut and move one pipe, and the electricians will start getting high voltage wiring in.

On a related note, we're going to be meeting with the low voltage guy sometime to talk about all the cool wiring: ethernet CAT5, coaxial, speakers, phone, and others. I'm thinking we'll try to terminate everything in the closet of the studio. I'm envisioning a huge patch bay and scads of blinking lights. James was telling us about having IR remote receivers in a few rooms that send their signals over wire to the media closet. That's where TiVo and pals will live. Does anyone have any other recommendations on serving audio and video up from a central location?


Christiane said...

We went over and over and OVER our networking/speaker design. Long story short, we found that most of the newer solutions just didn't work for us. We ended up going old school but prepped for eventually buying the Sonos system.


I'm anxious to see the direction you go in!

David E. said...

I recommend looking at the crutchfield site for speaker placement and selection.



Video and audio distribution is changing quickly and the best systems are really new and expensive. In time i expect quality will go up and price down.

But running sound to a speaker through a volume knob hasn't changed much in the past 75 years. So we decided that was the part we should install permanently in our walls.

Jim said...

Amye's dad did all that stuff in his new house. Let me know if you want his email/number.