Missing wall panorama

This is a spherical panorama of the living room wall's absence. You can click and drag the image to spin around the room.
Note: we've only got one cat, but he managed to move between my first and third photos. The software I use to stitch the three photos (PTGui) must like Kramer.


Greg Smith said...

Nice job on the panorama. What did you use to make it?

JohnPark said...

Thanks. I have a fisheye lens that gives me around a 195 degree field of view. I take three photos for overlap. Then feed them into a Panorama Tools frontend called PTGui. This turns the three photos into a single equirectangular map (distorted at the poles like a map of the earth). Lastly, I turn it into a cubic QuickTime VR movie with PanoCube. Whew.

Bonk at Home said...

Very nice. The room looks long and thin though. I'll be interested in how you layout your furniture (we have a similar problem)

Cats are clever like that. We’ve seen old panoramas where the same person is standing on the left and the right of the group.

Nice choice on the TV, too bad they don’t make those anymore. We love ours!

JohnPark said...

Hi Bonk. It's a great question. One way I've been thinking of doing it is with the TV (I love that TV, too) against the back wall where the bookcase and globe are visible in the panorama.

Then, turn the couch 90 degrees to face it, pushing the left side to the wall. This'll leave a path on the right of the couch to walk down the hallway into the new part of the house.

The window on the right back there is where the doorway and two steps down will be.