Where'd the stairs go?

My son and I have a tradition of going outside when I get home from work to see what the workers have done. Yesterday as we were heading out I heard him say, "Where'd the stairs go, Dadda?". Huh?! Where indeed? They were simply gone.

I immediately assumed that it was collateral damage from the ongoing battle between the framer and the plumber, but there were not enough blood stains evident to support that theory.

So I called J.D. He said they were just doing it for fun. Actually, it turns out there was some confusion about the structural engineer's drawings of the landing height, so to correct it he's gonna rebuild it all today.



Anonymous said...

I don't believe it! That child is very observant. Mom

Anonymous said...

Well, as much as I'd love to classify my boy as observant, I have to say that we've been going up the stairs for a few weeks now. So to have them gone is a pretty big omission. But Nonna is allowed to believe he's a genius!

Christiane said...

My goodness, that is quite dramatic. Amazing, isn't it, that things can get messed up so easily and require dramatic change. We've definitely been there...!

JohnPark said...

Christiane, to say you've "been there" is quite the understatement! Compared to the amount of work you guys have done (erwinhouse.com) I feel like a tourist snapping pictures of some house construction I happend to pass on the street.