Hey look, it's Goil

My good friend from high school, Goil Amornvivat just showed up on Top Design, a reality TV show. Goil's awesome, hasn't changed a bit, and it's great to see him creating excellent interior designs on TV.

Bonus bit of Goil trivia -- he and his siblings all have awesome nicknames: Gik, Ging, Goil, and Nim.


Anonymous said...

where did you go to high school - I knew a Goil at NMH - Class of 91 - and I'll be darned if he doesn't really remind me of him. Is that where you knew him?
Carey (carisima@alaska.net)

JohnPark said...

Me too, I'm NMH Class of '90. Hi!

Carey James said...

Ha! it was him. How wild is that. I knew it was him, but couldn't find any mention of it anywhere. I was on the Mount Hermon campus, in Monadnock. I can't remember how I met Goil, I think it was through a roomate, Anny. Or maybe he was in Mandarin class?? But I surely remember hanging out a lot with him, and you're right, he's so the same - the way he moves and speaks was so familliar, I knew it had to be him. What campus/dorm were you in?

JohnPark said...

Very cool, Carey. Goil and I were both on Mount Hermon, too, in Tron.
In fact, he was the first student I met there, as we were both in International Student orientation, which started a couple of days before regular orientation. And, we sang together in NMH Singers and the a cappella group.

Carey James said...

well, how 'bout that. I was an International student, too - just from up north in Canada, but still, we might have met. I was Carey Restino then - I think I went by Carisima (eesh - high school). Xantha Bruso (from Guam) and Karin Werner? (from Germany) were good friends.
Small world.

JohnPark said...

I was actually not really international, but since my parents lived overseas (Foreign Service) they sent me to that orientation.