Is the end in sight?

J.D. called me yesterday to talk about the schedule. He is putting off a firm date until next week, after he can look at the list of remaining items. He did, however, guess that we should be finished by the third week of May! As it turns out, four projects that he's working on are all at the same phase of completion, so his resources are spread thinly. But he says that starting next week he's going to focus them on our place to get it finished. Hurray!

Here's what else is going on:

  • Painters have been doing the prep and paint in the interior of the addition, as well as a second coat of orange for the stair tower.
  • HVAC registers were installed this morning.
  • Melesio and his crew have been prepping for the concrete porch, fixing/laying sprinklers, and digging to widen the driveway. I saw him drive by with a cement mixer as I was on my way to work this morning.
  • Sandblasting the concrete floor is scheduled for Friday.
  • The AC compressor was installed yesterday.
  • Baseboards and more paint will start next week after the floor is sealed.
  • Hardwood for the upstairs has been delivered.
  • Glass for the showers will be installed next Wednesday.
  • Severio and his crew will finish the tile after the glass goes in.

Things are really building up a head of steam. Nothing quells my anxiety about the house quite like seeing swarms of subcontractors doing their work.

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