We met with James and J.D. last week. I asked for an end date (or even an estimate) to the project so we can get ready to have our lives back. They said they'd let me know Monday. Yesterday came and went, but we still can't get J.D. to give us an end date. Patience is wearing thin.

There is always the problem of one sub-contractor needing to finish something before the next can get started, but unfortunately, the guys hanging the doors are working our place as a side job. This means that they only appear in fits and starts, mostly on the weekends. J.D. told them to finish hanging interior doors by this past Sunday, so painting and floors can happen. They aren't done yet.

James said they are really trying to wrap things up, but they can't get the subs to prioritize our job, since they are paying them less than their usual rates. Hence, The Triangle. There are three points in the triangle: time, money, and quality. We could only pick two of them. We've chosen to have a high quality job done for a moderate amount of money. That means it takes a long time (demo started May 1st, 2006). I'm beginning to wonder if we chose the correct two points.

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