We sprang a leak

There was a pretty serious amount of water coming out of a pipe at the back of the house after the driveway got jackhammered last week. Thankfully, our unpleasant plumber was out of town, so the concrete guy, Melesio, came to fix it instead. He's awesome, and a very nice guy.

He fixed the leak in the back, but the backpressure of shutting off the water created another leak at the water main/valve in the front yard. So, he borrowed some bread from us to plug the pipe. Huh? Yes, apparently this is what plumbers do to slow a leak enough to heat the pipe with a blowtorch when soldering a joint. Seems like there'd be a specific product for that. Nope. Wonderbread or Bimbo does the trick every time. At one point, Melesio asked me for another slice of bread, as someone on his crew got hungry and ate the other one.

We've hired Melesio to lay sprinklers and sod in the backyard, as well as pouring the concrete for the driveway and patio. If I could get him to finish everything left on the house I would, and I'm pretty sure we'd get our Certificate of Occupancy in half the time.

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