Elusive low voltage box

My fisheye photos were no help in locating the box in the guest bedroom for cable, CAT5, and phone lines. So, Angel started drilling holes. And continued drilling holes. And cut a rectangle out for good measure. Nothing. Aren't there line tracing gizmos for this sort of thing?


Silvia said...

Has it been found yet?

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are line tracer gizmos. You can get a GB Lan Tracker at a home improvement big box store for $40. Hook the signal generator to the end you can see, and find the other end with the receiver pen by listening to the increasing volume of the signal.

Rick said...

The box will be next to a stud, so there is no reason to check all the way across.
Your best bet is to use the wire tracer as stated before. Sometimes you need to turn off lights and electrical devices if all you hear is AC hum.

Rick Nickel
Huntsville Computer Services