The freakout

I was waiting for this to happen. We were out walking the dog/strolling the child last night when Erin flipped out about the cost of doing the addition. I enjoy the benefits of being oblivious to the daily financial operations of our household. So I get to place my head firmly in the clouds and fantasize about brushed metal gutters and suspension bridge-like staircases. Meanwhile she's wondering if we should start looking into selling our house and buying a bigger one. I suspect this may have something to do with the six- to eight-month construction hell we're facing.
By the end of the walk we had wheedled the addition down to painting the door a fun new color. Well, not quite, but we've got to definitely watch out for feature creep. The ninja training center is right out.

Inspirational photo of the day:

This bedroom uses ropes and pulleys to reveal storage areas.

Neatly glossing over Erin's freakout, here are some additions to the wish list:

  • Paint the house
  • Fix up the sheds in the back yard
  • Move the washer/dryer, turn that area into a pantry
  • Gutters so snazzy that I'll weep whenever I behold them


Erin said...

Okay, two things. One: The freakout??? Puh-leaze. My husband has no clue if he thinks that discussion qualified as a freakout.

Two: "This bedroom uses ropes and pulleys..." You complete the sentence.


Tim said...

I believe that sentence is best completed: "A bauw chicka bauw bauw," actually.

David E. said...

Gutters? I want to hear about these gutters.

BTW, It's freaky how identical your experience is to ours.