We met with James today (Erin's in Cincinnati, so she web-cammed in) and he said that the surveyors didn't come up with anything to be worried about. We do have to push the north side of the addition in by four inches, but that won't be a problem.

It's astounding how fast things are moving -- James is getting the structural engineer to look at the plans already. We're very excited about the designs and solutions Leanarch is providing -- they are proactive like you wouldn't believe which is just terrific. Neha found some beautiful pieces of furniture to place in the two hallway circulation nodes -- I'll post pics of them soon.

And then there is Varia. James brought this happy little box of material samples from a company called 3form that he wants us to consider for the sliding doors on the activity room. They laminate all sorts of designs, textures and materials between sheets of ecoresin (no, I don't know what "ecoresin" is either) and they look highly awesome. I'm crazy about the typographic one called courier.

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Ward said...

love the look JP, your house is going to be special.