Day of destruction, pt. 2

(Erin posting this one):
Good things about construction starting:
-- We broke ground before my water broke. Whoo-hoo!
-- A Bobcat going up and down the driveway is pretty entertaining for a 2 y.o.
-- They got so much done! Check out the photos. I was really impressed.

Bad things:
-- At 7:15 one of the workers asked to use our bathroom. Grrrrr.
-- It was SO loud. As in earth-shattering, wall-shaking loud. I'm hoping it's not quite so bad once demo is over. I feel really bad for our neighbors. Unfortunately, there's usually someone home on both sides of us. We might have to ply them with Porto's Bakery goods this weekend to sweeten things up.
-- Our phone stopped working about an hour in, and was out all day. Ooops. I do have a cell phone, of course, but reception sucks inside our house so it isn't super-useful.

They are ahead of schedule (yeah, I know it's only been a day, but I'm optimistic!), so we'll have a couple days off (good for neighbor relations). At the end of the week they'll be marking for the foundation, and on Monday they should be digging trenches. Or pouring concrete. Or something like that. Stay tuned...


Bill said...

And so it begins! Very exciting.

I would highly recommend getting a Porta-potty for the workers.


Nonna said...

Who took the pictures, and where from? Looks like somebody climbed a tree for the view.

JohnPark said...

I took them standing at the top of the play structure holding the camera by the base of a 4 foot long tripod. I flipped the screen out so I can see what's in frame and put it on a 10 second delay.

Erin said...

Oh, yes, there will be a port-a-potty (which I have a sinking feeling my son will want to use). They just didn't have it set up yet.

Mom said...


That sounds like an acrobatic act, not easy to replicate.