Day 2
Okay, so I guess technically this is Day 3 (but I'm sticking with 2 b/c all they did on the actual day 2 was put up a chain link fence and drop off a port-a-potty).

Today we had both a Bobcat and a little digger here. They got rid of the grass and laid out and dug the foundation. It's weird to see the trenches for the foundation -- it doesn't seem as huge as I was imagining, which is a good thing. No McMansions here, please!

One of my friends who's gone through an addition claims that demo, framing and roofing are the loudest parts. So hopefully framing will begin soon -- the sooner to get it over with.

I thought the loss of our backyard would be tragic, but my son is so into the machines that so far it hasn't mattered. He spent some time this evening running around in the trenches.

Will we see a cement mixer tomorrow?? Stay tuned.

p.s. We have a bunch of rebar in our front yard if anyone's interested...

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Mom said...

Wow! More mud for Ronan! This must be little boys paradise!