More thoughts on fixtures. Railings, too.

Erin says:

We've almost decided to go with Hudson Reed for faucets. JP has been scouring blogs and forums for reviews, and most people seem to think that as long as you get the correct conversion parts, installation is okay. Our problem now is that he wants a more overhead-type "rain" showerhead, and I don't. Since I have long hair, I often skip washing it, and I prefer an angled head. We may go for both -- we have to ask if that's possible, or if it's a budget-buster.

We're also waiting to find our if we can have wall-mounted faucets without a weird sink. You know, those bowls that sit on your counter.

On a different note, I really want to get a dual-level handrail for the stairs, so there's one at adult level and one at kid level. I was looking for a photo online, but I haven't found one yet. Our Ikea has them on their stairs.


L. Warren said...

Hi John,

I was googling Hudson Reed for reviews, and wondered if you did indeed go with their shower parts? We're looking at their shower sets, and I would be curious to hear what experience others have had with their quality control.
-Linda Warren

JohnPark said...

Hi Linda, Sorry I can't help you with Hudson Reed, we ended up with the very modern "One" line from American Standard, which seems to be of very nice quality. The guest shower has some kind of Hans Grohe, I think it's "Axor", and it too seems very nice.