Erin writes:
My husband insists that this is a bolt, but "Bolted" is not nearly as compelling a title. Whatever it is, it's currently sticking through the floor of the second story. I'm sure it has an important purpose.

Once again our framer seems to be fading away. The tools are gone, as are the workers. It's frustrating, because they're really, really close to being finished. I'm sure they're moving on to another job, but it sure would be swell to get this one done first. I know, I know -- everyone warned us this would happen at various points in the construction process, but somehow it's easy to believe that somehow you're going to be the ones who miraculously escape it.


CPDay said...

Looks like another frame member will be hung from the LVL. What's the plan indicate? I hope that someone did the beam load calcs to assure that boring the hole clear through the LVL was a good idea.

JohnPark said...

The framer was working from the structural engineer's plans, so I'm hoping he didn't just freestyle it and decide to bore the hole for a laugh.