A quick air travel story

I was waiting in the security line at LAX last Friday, on my way to Cincinnati. There was an older gentleman in front of me whose turn it was to deposit his shoes and metal objects into the Xray/sniffing machine tray. In went his shoes. Next, he patted down his pockets, he jiggled the various devices clipped to his belt, and he assessed what needed to be offloaded. He made his decision.
With a deft, practiced motion he unbuckled his belt and stepped right out of his trousers. He plopped the whole pants/belt/gadgets bundle into the tray and sauntered through the remainder of the security area in his underwear. I speak for everyone around me when I say we were relieved that they were boxer shorts.


modernemama said...

I think flying would be a lot less hassle these days if you were handed a disposable paper gown and slippers with your ticket and you wore those until you reached your destination.
Seriously, you've gotta admire the guy.

JohnPark said...

Yeah, I've got to admit he had incredible confidence to go with the most practical yet least socially acceptable solution.

Silvia said...

And you didn't have a camera available for this perfect moment?