Skylight thoughts

The other day, I was sitting on the couch, gazing up at the hole in the ceiling, and thought to myself: "Wow, the hole where the chimney used to be would make a great spot for a skylight".

I envision it being cheap and easy somehow, since there would be no need to cut out a space in the rafters or anything. There's even a hole in the roof there already!

phc_wallGone 010

Has anyone out there had experiences with skylights they'd like to share?

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Barron Von D said...

Skylights are really loud when it rains. But, since this is not in your bedroom and it never rains in SoCal anyway, probably not an issue. Go for it!

PS - The price of a Plasma TV is falling like a rock. The TV I have is now $420+ cheaper on Amazon than I paid for it with a $430 employee discount. I HIGHLY recommend it if you can squeeze it into the budget. Best Plasma on the market.