Bathroom floor tile

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We've found it! This is the tile for our bathroom. It's crazy and we love it. Actually, I'm going to pick up a sample today, so we'll reserve judgment until then, but we're fairly nutty about it.


Silvia said...

What's it made of?

JohnPark said...

It's porcelain tile, with "glaze threads" that give it the stripes of color and texture. I can't link to them on their website, but if you go to walkerzanger.com you can find them in the catalog.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog by looking for this floor tile. Anyway, I agree about it being prohibitive on a budget but I found another, similar tile at half the price. Ann Sacks Lino line - the website says it starts at $7.76 per sq. ft. Hope that helps!

JohnPark said...

Wow, thanks, great find. I'll try to go look at a sample ASAP.
By the way, how often do you get to say "I found a cheaper tile from Ann Saks"!?!