Stone or porcelain?

I took a brief solo trip to the tile store today. (California Tile Distributors is just down the street and they have it all!) I spoke with one of the employees there, and he confirmed my suspicions. Namely, that porcelain is generally cheaper than stone and easier to maintain. I was looking at something like this.
However, JP isn't sold on the idea.

Although we like slate, I think we've finally agreed to go with something fairly light-colored, maybe limestone, (like this), and find some more expensive tile to accent. I'm really liking this "bamboo".
Originally we thought we'd go with something more like this offset mosaic or zen weave.
But I'm feeling like I need more calm. Perhaps because I'm spending too much time with my three-year-old?

Just found this one that JP and I are both liking, although we haven't seen it in real life. I'll win him over to the porcelain side yet! Daltile that looks kind of like linen.


Silvia said...

I love the mottled orange zen weave! I don't think I could handle a whole wall or floor of it. :) But as accent pieces it would be really cool!

Silvia said...

I also like the soleil linen. What's the cost on these like?

JohnPark said...

Oh, Ann Saks? Here's what they say, rather coyly: "Mosaics starting at $102.80 sf" They should have said "If you have to ask, you can't afford it".

The Linen is around $8 sf. Quite a bargain, no?

Silvia said...

Holy ceramic, Batman!

You know, if you go to one of those glaze 'n blaze places, the kids could have fun with painting a few tiles to add to their bathroom or yours. You could pick the colors so you're sure they'll match the color scheme. Or you could just do handprints.