Where to get bathroom furniture?

Any suggestions on nice-looking, moderately-priced, modern cabinet/vanity/sink? Ikea is letting us down here, as far as the master bathroom goes. Their stuff's too small. We have a space around 45" wide. Help!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I found a beautiful carved teak sideboard, made in Indonesia, on sale at an imports store. My builder simply cut a hole in the top for the sink and the necessary holes in the back to run the pipes through. It has lots of storage, and everyone who sees my house loves it. Using furniture like this is very popular now. Look around at whatever style of furniture you like, find something on sale. You can refinish it if you like. Either cut off legs or replace existing legs with longer ones to make it just the height you want. If you need something really cheap, look for used furniture or at an unfinished furniture store. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

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