Awful quiet

Nothing seemed to happen last week. Could this have anything to do with us mentioning to J.D. that we're running out of money? We're meeting James on Wednesday to talk over the remaining allowance items and where we can save.

Here's a question: Do we avoid buying cheap stuff that isn't needed for a Certificate of Occupancy (e.g., laundry room door?) altogether and just buy the better stuff later when money magically appears in our lives? Or do we get everything in place, even if it means replacing some of it down the road?

Today I saw the plumber lurking around, but that's about it. The siding guys were supposed to come either Saturday or today, hopefully they'll be here today. Once they're done the stucco can continue.


Silvia said...

I think I'd get what was necessary and then you can take your time finding things on sale or when money appears before you, to finish the last details. JMO

Silvia said...

Hey, just thought of something. If you shop at a Lowes or Home Depot (gasp!) they sometimes get returns on special orders, which are then discounted so they can get rid of them. We got nicer closet bifold doors than we would have otherwise doing that, simply by looking around.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are going through the "running out of money" event. We just went through a remodel/addition and sort of felt the same way. I have been mainly lurking around your journal when we started our addition (our contractor finished his part in December and we are finally back home). I would say buy what is only necessary (quality stuff) and then add things later on. I am already looking to slowly do things (like purchasing the master bath's toilet tissue holder that I really want rather than picking up something I may or may not be happy with down the line). Can you believe I make a big deal out of a toilet tissue holder ?!?!

Good luck!

JohnPark said...

Good ideas, thanks. I think I'm also going to check out the Habitat for Humanity store that gets rid of excess donated stuff. They have one in Pasadena.

You bet I can believe it, I obsess about the same sort of things. Thanks for the show of support.