Meeting about finishing

We met with James and J.D. yesterday to figure out how we can finish construction within our remaining budget. We started going down a path of talking through each line item, figuring out what we could ditch, which things we could skimp on, etc.

Then James went out back to walk through the addition. When he returned he said (I'm paraphrasing) "Look, I'd recommend, as your Architect, more than your Builder, that we don't start ditching things and giving you less than the original vision of your home. J.D. and I need to take a long look at the remaining work and find a way to get it to you within the budget."

This is more work for them, and we really appreciate it. It would be far simpler for them to go with their usual sub-contractors and high-end materials. But we can't afford that, and they are not the kind of firm that is willing to cut and run, or tell us "too bad, find more money".


Ben said...

JP- Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment about the DWR furniture. I've been skimming through your blog for a while and really think you've done a nice job. I especially like the QTVR panoramas. Most excellent. Can I do this on a Mac? PanoramaFactory seems like it serves Windows only. Anyway, reading your latest post makes me think we are in a similar situation financially - except I BEGAN the project with my architects and builder saying we had to jettison all but the very basics! We know that when all is said and done we will be happy to have gone through all the pain..but right now, it hurts! Check in from time to time.
- Ben

JohnPark said...

Thanks Ben. There are a few front-end applications for the Mac that can stitch fisheye photos. check these pages out for more info: http://hugin.sourceforge.net/

I use PTGui, which is compiled for both Windows and Mac, but it costs $80. Hugin is free, but I've never tried it.