Erin says:
I am fully aware that the following is due almost entirely to my frustration at being without a yard for a year, but I've come to terms with it.

We ordered a swing-set. A custom, wooden one, complete with rubber mulch underneath (I still have my qualms about the health implications of that, incidentally). This is JP's rendition of what it will look like. There's also a sandbox underneath the fort.

We bought it from Play-Well, which is a local company that's been in business a long time. My sister-in-law convinced us to go for three swing slots (we ordered a trapeze for the third space); her kids have used their set for six years now. It's going to be delivered in early May, so we're really pushing to have the back yard completely done by then.

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Silvia said...

You'll be soooo glad you have it!!