Feeling out the space

We've started to move a few things into the new part of the house and spend some time back there. We love it. We put the daybed and a small table in the guest bedroom. Ronan and I have been playing LEGO soccer back there while Beatrix toddles around -- it's fantastic to throw open the glass wall and live indoor/outdoor.

We aren't finished yet, but it sure is starting to feel real.

In more technical update news, the solar inspection is going on right now, hopefully that goes well and they officially hook our meter into the billing mechanism. We've been pumping solar into Burbank's batteries for a month now, without seeing any benefit on our bill.

The plumber's son said he'd have the washer/dryer moved out to the laundry room by next week. The side of the pantry where they will vacate from is to become my espresso bar. I'm a bit of an espresso fanatic and I can't wait to have a proper home for my machine and grinder.

We need to run out and buy some exterior and interior lighting fixtures before the inspection. I kind of like these:

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Silvia said...

First--what is LEGO soccer? Second--what brand/model espresso maker do you have?