Is sandblasting supposed to crack your concrete floor?

I'll post some pictures soon. There are some pretty long fractures in a dozen places. I don't know that that can be fixed/filled/hidden/??? Maybe when they seal it it'll look OK, but I'm a bit freaked out at the moment.


Timothy said...

Sounds nasty. Have you asked on the Houseblogs forums?

Silvia said...

Eddie says he doubts sandblasting would cause the cracks, but it's possible the cracks were there and the sandblasting took the layer off that was hiding them. Not positive, though. How thick is the concrete?

Gene said...

No, sandblasting is not supposed to crack your concrete floor. Silvia and Eddie are probably on the right track, but there is the small chance that the concrete was badly done, and the sandblasting did crack it. I'd still guess the first explanation, though.