That lived-in feeling

We put up some framed prints in the hallway and studio. They really add that feeling of, how to say, people actually living here.

The prints are five pieces by Shag that he did for Disneyland's 50th Anniversary.

Scooba issues forth dirty water

Having sent our floor-cleaning robot on five successful missions this past weekend, it's difficult for me to say what the best part about the Scooba is. The results are excellent -- the kitchen floor looks much cleaner than when we Swiffered it. Watching him navigate around objects is tons of fun, "Go little guy, you can figure out how to back out from under the bed!". But I think the kids, Erin and I agree that watching the dirty water pour out into the sink afterward is our favorite aspect of robot ownership.


Robots will clean our house for us while we sleep

I'd like to repeat that, since it makes me so happy:
Robots will clean our house for us while we sleep.

Alright, it's actually "robot", singular. For now.

It's an iRobot Scooba, a hard-floor cleaning robot. It'll do our kitchen floor in about a half hour. It should be safe on:
  • our bathroom tile and slate
  • sealed hardwood
  • concrete floors

It should be unsafe on:
  • the cat
  • all those who threaten us
and, eventually, (when it becomes self-aware on December 20th, 2019)
  • us

Crank it up

One of the painters showed up this morning with a bucket full of window cranks. Hurray!

Up until this point we've only had two cranks, one upstairs and one downstairs. Every time I wanted to alter the state of window openness in the house I've had to run around with one crank, using it on each window like a hand tool. Well, those days are over!


Hand prints

Hmm, how'd all these smudgy little hand prints get here?

Oh, I see.

cause of handprints


Hot water heater outlet covered

I'm not sure when this happened, but some time last week J.D. got someone in to install a proper waterproof box around the hot water heater electrical outlet. They also replaced the guest bathroom GFI outlet that I had swiped when the heater outlet blew.