Scooba issues forth dirty water

Having sent our floor-cleaning robot on five successful missions this past weekend, it's difficult for me to say what the best part about the Scooba is. The results are excellent -- the kitchen floor looks much cleaner than when we Swiffered it. Watching him navigate around objects is tons of fun, "Go little guy, you can figure out how to back out from under the bed!". But I think the kids, Erin and I agree that watching the dirty water pour out into the sink afterward is our favorite aspect of robot ownership.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful feeling! And you didn't have to lift a finger!

I love it.


Mike said...

Does your scooba have a blog yet? I'm looking into purchasing one of his minion...er...friends to help with our hardwoods.


JohnPark said...

He started a blog, but it quickly turned too political for our tastes. Pro-robototalitarians make right-wing/left-wing debates seem tame.
If you get one for your hardwoods you won't be sorry. Not until Reckoning Day, at least.