Tile guys appeared

The tile guys returned today to patch up the border around the replaced shower glass. I haven't seen it yet, but their work is always flawless, so I can't wait to go home and check it out.
This means that we have just a few large-ish punchlist items remaining, and a bunch of tiny little ones. I still haven't had the energy to compile a list, but I'll try to get to it very soon.


No tile for us yet

For some reason our tile guy, Severio, never showed up to replace the tile around the shower glass wall. I haven't talked to J.D. yet to see when we can reschedule for, but we've just got a few small things like this left that we'd like to finish before the year 2008.


Cracked glass has been replaced

This is a photo of the cracked glass in the back wall of our shower. The tile got pulled, and the glass has since been replaced. This time there is a small metal frame and gasket to float the glass away from the tile. Tile should be back in tomorrow. Hurray!


Desk installed in guest bedroom

My friend Curt was visiting, and Erin suggested he help me install the fold up/fold down desk in the guest room. I wonder if that should become a new condition of visiting us; all guests must help install something.

High class speaker hole covers

Needing to cover ten in-ceiling speaker holes until we actually purchase speakers, I came up with this: a pack of 35 paper plates for $4 and some double-sided mounting tape.