Roasting coffee

I got some green coffee beans and a stovetop roaster from sweetmarias.com as a gift for Christmas from my Mom, as well as a book on home roasting from my sister Silvia. These are the fruits of my first labor -- I under roasted them, so I may actually try to see if you can bring them back up to temperature to darken them up just slightly.

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Shawn MacNish said...

Roasting is tricky stuff. I don't have a great sense of smell, so detecting subtle changes during the process is tough. My iRoast2 just came back from the shop. I had to get a new base unit after the heating element blew during batch #9. So far, my luck with coffee gadgetry is lousy. I'm on my third Odea Giro and my second iRoast2. Let's see how long the Maestro Baratza I got for Christmas lasts. I'm betting on 3 months.