Media Rack

This is the Project Precita media rack. Wow. I'm trying hard not to run out to Norton Sales and buy a bunch of old NASA control panels to mount on the wall in our living room.



I'm going to post photos from the Telstar Logistics home remodel over the next few days. I'm in love with everything they've done.


Flush trim

This is the flush trim on our door. Its beauty makes me weep. All hail David and Christiane at Crestview Doors.


The door has arrived

Hurray! Here it is, waiting to be unpacked and ogled.


Mom! Dad! The Google Spy Van's here!!

I just noticed during my Google Map fest that we now have Street View. This means that the All-Seeing Google Van drove down our block merrily snapping photos of everything. Weird!

Current satellite photo

This one, from the much hipper Google, is up-to-date. You can see the solar panels doing their darnedest to save the planet.

Mid-construction photo

This satellite image from Microsoft's maps.live.com shows our place during construction. Notice all the piles of lumber in the driveway. Now notice how I'm starting to twitch just thinking about it.

Pre-construction photo from the air

This is what our house and lot looked like before we began.


jpixl . net blog

jep_makeTamper 048

I've started a new site to post all of my MAKE Magazine related stuff, and other things that are non-house related. If you're interested, please check out JPIXL.net