Wood drop

We just got this wood dropped off this morning. They'll start laying out the framing today. The big beams are made from some sort of compressed wood; this is the state-of-the art in beam technology. Much stronger than ordinary wood beams, and they smell like the future.


Anonymous said...

I like the looks of all that wood!


Anonymous said...

I have been following your progress and it has been very interesting and helpful as my husband and I are adding on to our house as well (we live in Los Angeles). Your addition plans are way beyond what we are doing (due to our "lack" of funds), but I like that you are a couple of months ahead of us. That allows me to see what happens before we have to go through the next step. Our contractor is just started last week and he is "suring up" the foundation to add on a second story. Have you purchased or selected any of your fixtures (tubs, shower systems, toilets, tile, etc.)? Wonder were are you shopping for these types of items?

JohnPark said...

That's great, I'm glad you've been able to peer into the future via our blog! We've had a similar benefit from some friends of ours who started about six months ahead of us in Burbank. They're using the same architect, so we feel like he's gotten to learn about Burbank's particularities on their job and then apply that knowledge on ours.
To answer your question, we haven't looked seriously at fixtures yet. Some of them are going to be recommendations from our architect (master bath) while the guest bath will be pure Ikea, baby!
Here in L.A. I've heard that Snyder Diamond is a great place to look for snazzy fixtures. I'll post about the interior stuff as we go. Please post back comments if you find any great stuff out there.