Wood drop two

The framers are starting to run out of wood, so a second wood drop has arrived.

I talked with the plumber this morning. He recommends that we use two small flash water heaters. This way neither one is positioned too far from a faucet. He wants to do an exterior mount on the "hidden" side of the house. Our architect, James, refers to this as "scabbing" things onto the outside, and would prefer to have them mounted in the attic or under the stairs. I side with James for aesthetic reasons, but the plumber alleges that there will be considerable money saved by going with the barnacular approach. Not sure which way we'll go in the end.


David E. said...

We got conflicting recommendations on the water heaters too. Our plumber, contractor and AC guy said on demand heaters were problematic. Electrician said they were great.

JohnPark said...

What did you go with in the end, David? (by the way, if anyone is reading these comments, you must head over to David's house blog erwinhouse.com -- come to think of it, I'm sure the answer to my question is there...)