Paper is up

The stucco and siding prep are finished, as near as I can tell. The main part of the addition will be a smooth stucco. The stairwell will be done in some sort of concrete siding. Not certain, but I think the colors will be gray for the stucco and orange (!) for the siding. The original part of the house will be cleaned and repainted. Color there is taupe-ish, I think.


Christiane said...

Wow--you can really see it now. Funny, isn't it, to see it in real life? I remember watching our house go up and having to pinch myself. It was just a drawing!! Now, of course, we live in it.

Wish we could be there for your drywall party ;-)

JohnPark said...

If your clan is ever on the West Coast we'll throw a Drywall Party II just for you!