Cost cutting

We're actively soliciting suggestions for saving money on the following items, while still looking modern and awesome:

  • Flooring for the stairs and masterbedroom
  • Surface for the bathroom vanity that'll allow an undermount sink
  • Bathroom floor

For the flooring we're looking at engineered hardwood veneer. The pre-finished, click-lock stuff will probably save us a lot on installation costs. I've seen talk of using cement-fiber siding as a floor. Is that nuts?

For the counter top we got a quote on a 3x2 ft. chunk of granite remainder. Per foot costs are lowish ($20) but installation is freaking me out. $900. Help!

The bathroom floor is a tough one, since we're still in love with the $12 sq.ft. Walker Zanger Melange . Maybe we can put some insanely cheap stuff on the walls/shower/surrounds in order to afford this stuff on the floor?


vivienne said...

Have you thought about cork flooring? Seems there's a lot of design flexibility there using different tones of cork, and warm underfoot too. I doubt that this is the cheapest source but there are color ideas: http://www.duro-design.com/english/pattern/index.html
Darn, I saw some cork on clearance somewhere...

JohnPark said...

Thanks Vivienne. We were interested in cork at one point and then kind of forgot about it. You may have inspired me to search anew.

alden said...

Hello I found your blog by searching for Walker Zanger Melange tile. I saw this tile in one of the model home in Diamond Bar area and instantly in love with it! Can you tell me which dealer you get it from for $12/sqft?

JohnPark said...

Sure, that was at California Tile Distributors in Burbank, CA. I think it was ~$13.