Exterior colors

We're trying to choose a trim color: I like the dark one here called "Dark Engine".
The light one, "Porous Stone", is what the smooth stucco on the new part of the house will be.
The original part of the house will be painted with "Drifting", the tannish one.
The siding surrounding the stairwell, and the front door, will be the insane orange "Campfire".
Any thoughts on the trim?


Silvia said...

I like the color scheme. Can you do a quick drawing with all the colors, just maybe a wall with a window with the trim, and showing the inside color through the window? :)

JohnPark said...

That's a good idea. I just picked up some samples at the paint store to throw on the walls, turns out that dark color is almost black, not ashen like my monitor showed. Now I'm going with something called Weathered Brown.

Anonymous said...

I like the sound of "weathered brown", probably a softer look than the almost black you are showing. Mom

Jamie said...

I really like the orange color! And I think you're right, almost black isn't the way to go. Weather Brown sounds much better.