Loads of stuff

There have been lots of things happening at the house over the last few days:

  • The painters have primed and prepped the interior of the addition.
  • They're sanding window sills and other trim and have been taping off the front porch to prime and paint out there.
  • We've finalized the trim color to Dunn Edwards's Iron Fixture: ironfixture
  • The plumber moved the water heater and removed it's housing so the back wall can be stuccoed.
  • The siding is almost entirely done, just a small section remains to be done over the balcony.
  • The railing has been installed on the balcony and looks very cool (despite having changed the design from horizontal to vertical rails to avoid the whole "toddlers think it's a ladder" issue).
  • The balcony floor has been sealed with some noxious smelling stuff.
  • The solar guys are installing the solar panels. Erin said she took some pictures of the panels before they were hoisted up, so I'll post those later.
It's very exciting to see so much happening all at once.



Anonymous said...

What great news!

Re. the sanding of the concrete floor, that would be a great day for Erin and the children to go visit some friends!


Christiane said...

i don't comment enough so... WOW! that's a lot of stuff going on over there!!

do you mind me asking the specifics about the solar panels? we're still in the review phase with bids. any suggestions? i'd love to hear about costs, too, if you feel comfortable, so feel free to email me if you'd prefer!


JohnPark said...

Hi Christiane, glad you guys are going solar, it makes you feel so eco-righteous, doesn't it?!
As far as I remember, it's about $20k (that includes the panels, inverter, additional meter, and installation).
There are ~$2k in tax credits from the federal government and ~$6k in refunds from Burbank Water & Power, so really it'll be about $12k. I think it's a 1.8KW system. BWP buys back our electricity at the same rate they sell it, which is good. Don't know if that's always the case.
Good luck, and please ask if you have other questions.