One, zero

Erin says: The latest: Friday the stucco guys finished (at least as far as I can tell). They also finished all the necessary drywall patching inside.

Today the electrician was here, but he still didn't finish. Forgot some screws, he said.

But now on to the most interesting drama of the day. JD (our fearless contractor) has often mentioned how difficult it is to find tradesmen who are both good at what they do and dependable. The window and door guys have been pretty flaky through our whole project. They are awesome perfectionists, but have a habit of saying they'll be here on Wednesday and then not showing up until Sunday. And after today, they won't have to show up ever again. JD says he's taken them off the job and he's going to finish their odd jobs himself next week. I think I'll have to get some photos of that.

I am glad that the window and door guys got our towel racks and toilet paper holders hung before they were dismissed. We have a vibrant orange hand towel in the guest bathroom to match the orange stair tower. (I'd post a photo, but my beloved mac laptop is in the shop, and without iphoto I'm lost.)

For those keeping score: No certificate of occupancy this week. Hopefully the fire inspector will be here early in the week, because he has to sign off before final inspection.

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