Erin says: For those who are keeping score, no, we haven't really moved into the new space and no, we don't have a certificate of occupancy. It's getting really depressing. The contractor has been telling us "two more weeks" for at least six weeks now, and I think we've hit two weeks with no work whatsoever.

It's frustrating especially because we're so close that it almost seems like we could complete the work ourselves. A few ceiling fans and light fixtures, touching up paint, installing mirrors and door stops, sealing the floor. Almost.

There are times when I wonder if being "the nice clients" has backfired. If we were more unpleasant, would things happen more quickly? Does the squeaky wheel get the grease?


Shawn MacNish said...

This is a sad fact of life when it comes to contractors. In the future I will hold the final 25% until the CO is in my hand.
That said, I doubt I will ever hire another contractor. I'd rather do it myself than deal with that headache again.
My parents are going through the same thing right now. They don't owe the contractor any money, but they are holding a really nice table saw hostage.

Erin said...

Erin again:
The contractor left two really apologetic voice mails today. He said (and I believe him) that this week was tough with the 4th right in the middle. He says they're going to do whatever it takes to get things finished next week so we can get the final inspection.

We will, of course, keep you updated!

Christiane said...

Ohmigod, we were so RIGHT THERE this time last year. It was incredibly frustrating. Of course... you remember what happened, right?? :)

You will get in. The last few weeks are absolutely the hardest.

It helped that I was enormously pregnant when I finally let all fly on our contractor. I think that cinched the last few details ;-)