Working baby monitor

We bought a few baby monitors at Target, and only this one was able to punch through enough walls in our house to work properly. This one uses cordless phone frequencies (2.4Ghz, I think).

In a related note: While baby monitors seem to be too weak to actually function properly, ceiling fan remotes are overly strong! After the second morning of finding the lights on in Ronan's room, we realized that the fan remote in our bedroom was so powerful it was controlling both rooms. I hope there's a choice of frequencies on them that'll work.


Jim said...

Ever add up all the remotes and wireless devices in your house? Think about the frequency interference and all those electronic waves flying around!

christiane said...

We also had the ceiling fan problem! One of the remotes controlled both the activity room downstairs and the master bedroom upstairs simultaneously! Man, ceiling fan remotes are the most annoying devices ever. We have three that are the same, so we never know what they control. And they don't take standard batteries, so when they die, we simply don't use the ceiling fans. Argh.